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affiliate program

Linkasoarus pays up to 20% monthly recurring commissions.

Earn up to $460 a month per referral. 10 referrals could add up to $4,600 a month!


When you personally
refer someone to

Level 1: 20% Commissions

When you or your team refers someone to Linkasoarus using your personal affiliate link and they sign up you earn a commission of 20%. If they pay $29.99 a month you get $6.00 a month, if they pay $2,299 a month you get $459.80 a month. Also, if those referrals decided to pay for a year in advance, you get 20% of their annual payment!

The more people you refer and the longer they use Linkasoarus, the more you can earn! The best part is there is NO LIMIT to how many people you can refer and earn.


When someone you’ve
referred also refers someone to

Level 2: 5% Commissions

One of the Linkasoarus guiding principles is “people helping people.” To encourage Linkasoarus users to help other Linkasoarus users you will earn an additional 5% commission whenever someone who have referred to Linkasoarus has also referred someone to Linkasoarus. The Linkasoarus user you helped refer someone earns 20% and you also earn 5%.

When the new users pays $100 a month, your friend you helped will earn $20 a month and you will earn $5 a month. If they pay $1,000 a month, your friend will earn $200 a month and you will also earn $50 a month.

This starts to add up when you help Linkasoarus users get the most value of our Linkasoarus and they keep their account active but more importantly when the people you’ve helped join Linkasoarus do the same and they help the people they’ve invited get the most out of Linkasoarus.

Helping your team earn commission and a bonus to you!


5% Commissions

Exclusive To Linkasoarus Customers

Linkasoarus users who add their entire team to their account (Learn how to add team members here) earn a 5% Bonus monthly/annual commission anytime a team member within their organization refers someone to Linkasoarus who signs up for a paid account. Linkasoarus will also pay your team member the 20% monthly/annual commission for their referral.

For example, if you add 10 team members within your organization to Linkasoarus all 10 can earn a 20% monthly/annual commission for referring people (with no limit) and if all 10 refer someone you earn 5% from each of the 10 referrals.

As your company grows and more team members are added more people can earn commissions.

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Share your exclusive 45 day free trial link that the new customer can’t get anywhere else

Anyone can join the Linkasoarus Affiliate Program. You don’t need to be an Linkasoarus customer! Just click here to create your free account and get the following:

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    Your unique referral link, which works as soon as you get it

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    Your unique referral link features an exclusive 45 day free trial (50% longer free trial if someone doesn’t use your link). This exclusive 45 day free trial will incentivize new users to use your referral link.

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    Access to the exclusive Linkasoarus Affiliate Dashboard

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Free marketing material

Instant access to downloadable graphics you can use to help share your affiliate link and encourage people to sign up with you.

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Hurry Up and Earn up to 20% Monthly Recurring Commission Before Your Friends Refer Your Friends!

That’s it! You’re ready to earn. You’ll get up to 20% of whatever the people you refer pay Linkasoarus. If you are part of a brand with a lot of franchisees or independent operators don’t hesitate to share your referral link because whoever shares their link first will have the highest commission earning potential throughout your brand. Don’t forget to let your team know they can also start earning!

Anyone can join the Linkasoarus Affiliate Program. You don’t need to be an Linkasoarus customer! Just click here to create your free account and get the following:

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    Payments issued with PayPal

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    No limit on the amount of commissions can be earned

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    Exclusive 45 free trial for affiliates, which gives you time to help them get maximum value and want to upgrade to a paid plan

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    Refer your friends, co-workers or anyone who you believe will see the same value in Linkasoarus as you and earn a commission as a THANK YOU from Linkasoarus for spreading the word.

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